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Dustin Allen
Executive Chef

Shane Harvey
12 Bar Manager


Locally Sourced + Artfully elevated

“Each moment of the year has its own beauty.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

In 2012, Chef Dustin Allen had the want to create a restaurant that would receive its ingredients from local farms. Luckily, Edge is located in the heart of one of the largest agricultural centers in the region. Several years later, Edge is thriving in the center of Peoria Heights, Illinois. In our location, Chef is able to receive ingredients from across the Midwestern region. Chef uses these ingredients in a “simple” way. Now, not ‘simple’ as in easy, but simple as in transparent. When you dine with us at Edge, you will receive plates that feature food in their purest form. Chef may describe it as “peasant food,” but to everyone else, it is anything but “peasant food.” When your dish is sat in front of you, you may see unusual pairings of local ingredients, but when you start to eat them, you’ll find out that the flavors are from across the globe.

At Edge, our standards of ingredient sustainability, quality and freshness are uncompromising.

Call it farm-to-table, farm-to-fork, farmer-focused...any buzzword that’s trending now. We call it our only choice. Our team works with trusted local farm partners to find the best produce and livestock for our constantly rotating menus. Our chefs are trained to follow plant development from a crop’s earliest stages of growth to its peak level of maturity. Our animals are all raised ethically and humanely and are butchered in-house to make sure every part is used properly. Whole farm cooking. In our kitchen, it’s the only way.

In an interview, Chef described global cooking as, “studying techniques from generations before us and implementing them into local ingredients to create a melting pot of global flavors.” Nonetheless, Chef uses local ingredients from the Midwestern region and combine them with international flavors and techniques to create unique dishes for everyone to enjoy. 

Seven years and counting, Edge owes a lot of its success to the continued relations and partnerships forged with our guests, farmers, and the local community. We thank you for your support of our vision and commitment to local suppliers and purveyors to push our philosophy of whole-farm-cooking forward. 


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