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Private Events


If you should know anything about us at Edge, it is that we respect the “not one size fits all” philosophy.

For Chef Dustin Allen, putting together a private event around the client is what matters. We like to sit down with the client and discuss anything and everything. Through this, we are able to learn about what they truly want their experience to be. Here at Edge, we do not talk about the budget until after we know what they would like.

Every event we do is different from the last. Being able to customize and make the experience personal for the client and their guest is what we strive for. Everyone at Edge will hold your hand through the experience of hosting a private event here. It’s not only about the food and drink but, also, the decorating process and much more. Chef and the rest of the staff at Edge, understand the importance of wanting to create a unique experience for all who use our Private Events Venue and we would like to give that to everyone.

Our commitment goes farther than the walls of the 4500 building. Every event hosted here and at other off-site events has the same commitment from Edge, which is to provide a unique experience to everyone participating. 

Please contact us at (309) 346-3343 with any questions or inquiries.